Reece Mountain POA 

Our goal is to take stock in the people and property, making our neighborhoods safe and inviting. When everyone pulls together the community thrives on all levels.

Our Mission

Reece Mountain POA is dedicated to shaping the community foundation by encouraging smart growth and optimal change throughout our neighborhoods. Working toward the greater good, we strive to maintain an open door policy with our members and residents as well as engage in transparency.


Board Members

  • President - Mike Magill        770-894-9206
  • Treasurer - Fred Feltmann
  • Secretary - Norman Dietrich
  • Gate Access Code or other issuess:  Call Mike Magill at 770-894-9206

    Owner Login: Work in progress

Community &

      Updated Message From Your           POA President

Due to unauthorized trespassing and vandalism, the gate code for property owners will be changing every month. These changes are for the safety of our growing community.


New codes will be emailed to your listed email address when they are changed.
If you are selling your property, please ensure no client is allowed to access Eagle's Crest without being accompanied by you or your agent. 


Because of severe budget restraints, all private communication concerning your property and board meetings will be emailed to your email address. We cannot afford the continued cost of mail outs to members who have not assured us of their postal mailing address or provided email addresses for communications.

We are just requesting a little cooperation from property owners to allow the board to conduct business at the lowest possible cost.

POA dues for 2018 will be mailed out soon and are past due after March 15th 2018. 

Special assessment dues will be past due after June 2018.